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I'm still alive, my friends and page visitors.  I'm sifting through my notifications now.  My, how the world seems to pass me by on here when I am out in the world, yet the world passes me by when I'm on here.  What a conundrum!  I'm feeling pretty proud as of late.  I just completed my benchmark for Español III.  I gave  presentation on a song called "Tirana del Caramba" and sang it.  A few of my classmates told me I should make a recording for it.  I've always considered doing recordings, but I don't have much time and cannot my own accompaniment, so I'm a little stuck until I can find a friend who'd be willing to play while I sing.  I've recently found two songs, "Piano Man" by Billy Joel (Man, that guy can sing high!) and "Por ti volaré" by Andrea Bocelli (He can sing really high, too!), and I'd love to sing them someday at a concert or something.  I also made a call to someone who orchestrates a series of concerts that is held over the summer each year at a great mansion in my city.  It's an interesting prospect, and I am trying to get more information. 

As it stands, the most sophisticated recording program I have is Audacity, and I certainly could use the "Generate: Tone" function on there in order to create all the pitches I need to arrange an accompaniment based off a piece of sheet music, since I can read sheet music, it's not the most artistic manner of doing so, and it takes much time.  I might get back to doing pixel art soon if my free time holds out for me.  I'm doing a sort of project in my Microsoft Word and PowerPoint class that involves turning text into pictures, but I think I'll probably stick to my guns with Excel.

I showed a Creepypasta-loving friend of mine an excerpt from "The Decameron" by Boccaccio.  It's about the Black Death and is one of the leading sources from the time that gives somewhat objective information on it.  Once I am given her approval, I intend to do a reading for this translated excerpt sometime.  I'm craving another acting/singing fix after having done the play "Shift" by Jenna Christine Runk, but I have a hard time finding the confidence and the material to go back to doing CP readings again.  I don't want to do any of the works that people have already done over so because I am afraid they would seem hackneyed by the time I get to them and because I don't want to seem like poser.  I don't watch other CP readers; I want to be as original in my interpretations as I can be, but I only have one reading to speak of, so I don't feel it's really my place to talk.

Skyrim is a wonderful time-waster.

I currently am doing very well in my classes, and I have several tests to take tomorrow.  I feel pretty ready for them, but I've been surprised a couple times this year.

That last journal entry did not turn out the way I had intended it to, and I guess I failed to fulfill the purpose that I outright stated in the title.

A young man in my Microsoft W/PP class keeps asking me if I have Asperger's.  I have no degree of autism as far as I know, so I said no, but he doesn't apparently believe me because  he asks me over and over.  Perhaps his insistence on the subject means something, but I cannot discern whether it is because he means to insult me or because he cannot think of some other topic to discuss.  Anyway, my constant response makes me feel like I "doth protest to much, methinks," but I honestly neither have medical reason to believe so nor any reason to dwell on it any further because I cannot make anything out of it.

I think I threw out my voice a little bit last night trying to sing "Piano Man."  Basses are well advised to not attempt to sing that song unless it's lowered or they have good control over their head voice.

A committee I head as president at my school has garnered over $500 for mitochondrial disease research.  I am very proud to have participated in it; it's a good cause.  If you don't recognize it, you might want to look into it if you're feeling munificent.  A young man who sometimes harangues me in the hallways for yelling "Hump Day!  YEEEEEAAAAH!!!" on Wednesdays approached me on Friday because we were selling tickets to be permitted to wear a hat to school during the day.  It was my idea, and I was the sole operator of the station that day, but it was too successful a part of the fundraiser for me to call it light work.  I smiled at him as he approached me nervously, "Have you come to purchase a ticket for Hat Day?  All proceeds go toward mitochondrial disease research."  "You're that guy!  Mhm."  We made the exchange of ticket and money, and he left.  He wears a Dr. Stein coat every day if "Soul Eater" means anything to you in a manga or anime context to you, reader.

I liked a "Doge" meme page on Facebook recently, and it keeps posting the same photos over and over each day, and it causes a lot of clutter in my news feed, but they also post some new stuff that I like, so I'm torn as to whether or not I should unfollow their page.

So much good art on here, but I should look at my friends' artwork before too long.  I didn't want to go on here until I had finished Mr. GhostDog's beta reading.  It's been hard getting to it; I get writing assignments left and write and don't feel exactly sane enough to effectively proofread under such conditions.

I feel like I come across as little verbose sometimes.  I believe my lexicon has actually diminished a bit from last year; I need to look over some of my vocab-builder lists.  I'm so glad I'm the last year that needs to take the SATs with the elevated diction portions; I am one of the readiest in my school.  It's a shame I don't read as copiously as many of my friends do.  I know several geniuses, and they can tear through books, and I'm fairly slow; I have a hard time at scanning; I have to read every word, it seems.  My grandmother says I need to take speed reading courses, but it seems like there are none offered around here.  I guess I'll just have to read this summer in addition to my other pursuits.  As usual, I will end up skipping many things, but this summer I will have a summer job and likely have to narrow focus even more and will likely be an infrequent visitor here to dA next school year.  I'm taking three AP courses next year in Calculus, music theory, and economics.  I'll have a study hall, though, so it shouldn't be too bad, but I will likely cut back on my extra-curricular activities.  It's hard when people keep telling me I can do anything when I only choose to do so much with my time.  My Spanish teacher says I'm one of his best students, but I certainly don't feel like one.  I cannot even afford to take AP Spanish IV with him next year for fear I'll overload myself and ruin my appreciation for the language in doing so. 

I don't know whether I'll end up on the Senior Class Executive Committee next year or not.  I had to defeat a member of the football team this year, and it seems I have become more reclusive as the work load has piled up and my teachers have become more pedantic.  I think my social standing has deteriorated quite expeditiously perniciously.  My best friend rarely talks to me at lunch; I didn't get invited to a close friend's Sweet Sixteen in the midst of all my classmates, and it seems that every move I make to be social gets me nowhere when everyone talks in class and quick gets their homework done when I talk to someone for five minutes and end up spending 30 minutes or longer finishing the assignment at home.  I know it's because I'm a perfectionist and have a Type A personality, but I get increasingly lonesome because my interactions become limited with my limited extracurricular activities and limited free time.

I need to stop listening some of the this music.  "Piano Man" just depresses me, makes me feel desperate, or drives me angry, as just about 75% of my music library does.  I know singing cathartic, but my voice is still a little out.

Anyone hear about Grayson?  I know I'm not a Brony (yet), but I sure empathize with him.  In elementary school I was tormented by my peers for excelling and behaving, so they would frame me for things, and the teachers would punish me without even investigating.  They reasoned that it was to prevent me from becoming like them, but, seeing as they never got punished, I still don't understand the logic, but I'm nonetheless punctilious for it, I suppose.  Anyway, I know what it's like to be bullied and then have the blame be thrown on you.  Blame me for trying to serve my role in the educational system, and blame the kid for being open about expressing what he likes.  He is aged nine years, yet people expect him to fill some sort of image they have pictured for him, and apparently My Little Pony wasn't in that picture.  At least they're trying to get down to something here, but I am still disgusted because it brings back bad memories.


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I am not a very true artist, just one who likes to see pictures. I have an inappreciable ability to draw, and I have very little interest in developing my skills in the field of visual art. If anything, I am much more into the fields of theatre acting and singing, for they are my main artistic passions. I am both enthralled and intimidated by the community here since it so large and variable. I have not yet found my niche in any community, but chances are that I have stepped in at least a small part of most.
I am interested in the business of voice acting, so, if you need a voice actor, I would be glad to be of service. I am willing to provide contact information to anyone considering me for a voice actor role or tryout. Additionally, I am interested in doing audio readings for anyone (be it CreepyPasta, poetry, prose, or whatever it is). I also love to sing.
I do llamas for llamas, but I neither do WATCH for WATCH nor FAVE for FAVE. I reserve these to my personal tastes.

I am extremely busy with my schoolwork and rarely am on for long periods of time. I am also willing to proofread (free of charge) for anyone who can afford to wait until I acquire the time to get to proofreading the work. I find it is an enjoyable and helpful way to employ my skill in orthography, diction, and grammar when my creativity is devoted to non-writing ends. Anyone interested should free to send me a note, expressing his or her interest, on this site, and we can become acquainted and discuss the business.

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